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Sarbari Technologies develops food cost management software for the restaurant industry. Our customized web-based applications focus on all the critical control points that impact food cost for a restaurant. From sourcing to inventory control, and everything in between, our software is the best solution in the industry for guaranteeing savings and increasing profit.

Our Roots

Although we were founded in 2009, our roots run much deeper. Our founder and CEO, Sebastian Serra, started working in retail produce at Boston’s North End in 1973, at the age of 9 years old. Shortly after graduating from Northeastern University, Sebastian founded his first of two produce supply companies. Spending years in the industry Sebastian soon came to the realization that technology was the future. With that in mind he sold his company and began his new venture and passion; creating a software company whose sole purpose was to help his customers achieve amazing success through ground breaking and powerful technology.

Building Greatness

True to his Italian heritage and his desire to save restaurants money, Sebastian decided to name his new company Sarbari, which translates from Sicilian to “Save”. After careful and extensive research Sebastian soon partnered with Trifecta Technologies in order to make his vision a reality. Doug Pelletier, owner of Trifecta, an entrepreneur in his own right, has built an impressive roster of clients including industry leaders such as Disney, Pfizer and Barnes & Noble. Sebastian and Doug immediately got along and formed a strategic partnership to create the technology that drives our company.

Proven Success

Many restaurateurs agree that controlling food cost is a critical component to overall success, and although the industry has come a long way, in adopting technology, managing food purchases is still a manually process. Sarbari’s MyOrderPlacer software solution has allowed operators to see cost of food reduced, in their businesses, by an average of 10% while at the same time improving efficiency and productivity. Over the past several years the Sarbari family has grown to include hundreds of successful and happy restaurant operators across the United States and Canada.

Our services

We pride ourselves in the fact that our services and user interfaces are miles ahead of anything else on the market. We’ve made navigating and learning how to use your software as simple and straightforward as possible. After all using software, for your business, is suppose to eliminate stress, not add to it.

Our Intelligent shopping technology is years ahead of its time. You will not only have the ability to compare all your ingredients between existing suppliers, but it also creates a perfectly configured order based on your ingredient specifications including; brands, supplier preferences, order cut off times, surcharges, and much more. After taking all your preferences into consideration, in just one click, your software will give the most value and savings for your entire order.

  • Intelligent shopping and ordering
  • Real-time price comparison
  • Manually override options
  • Order confirmation
  • Detailed receiver’s guide

Keeping track of the ingredients in your establishment has never been better! Easily set pars and storage locations in your software that match how your coolers are setup, for easy shelf-to-sheet inventory counting and evaluation. Don’t stop there, simply input what you have on-hand into the inventory worksheet and immediately find out how much of your hard earned money is tied up in inventory. Your software knows exactly what you have paid and who you last purchased all your ingredients from. Use these insights to determine best purchase practices based on spoilage, ingredient consistency, and flavor profiles. Make educated decisions to help manage your ingredients before they even enter your door.

  • Storage locations
  • Set item pars
  • Inventory checklist
  • Inventory valuation

We understand that in order to provide your guests with a great experience, that exceeds all their expectations, its starts with the quality and consistency of your ingredients. With this in mind, we created a software that allows you to easily set your ingredient specifications and brand preferences once and never have to worry about them again! We didn’t stop there, along with easily building your ingredient preferences you also have the ability to double check your supplier deliveries with the “Receiving Guide”, to ensure exactly what you ordered was delivered and at the right price. The ability to catch off-preference ingredients before they enter your door is huge in controlling your inventory quality and cost.

  • Ingredient specifications
  • Brand preference
  • Supplier preferences
  • Receiving guides

Transparency! Having all your information just one click away is what makes our technology so great! Your software will automatically save and catalog all your purchases as well as provide you with bid analysis and spending reports whenever you desire. Valuable and detailed information that’s readily available can be the difference maker in any restaurant. Giving restaurant owners the information and tools they need to ensure success is what we as a company value more than anything else.

  • Real-time price tracking
  • Bid analysis
  • Spending reports
  • Order history
  • Savings report

Getting Started

Setup is a breeze
We love customers who appreciate the value technology has to offer, and who are willing to invest in themselves. With that being said, we built a unique setup process that gets our customers using their software and reaching their true potential, as fast as possible. Your success is our ultimate goal!



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We understand that everyone’s idea of success is different. With that in mind we created a model that gives us the ability to build customized software with each customer’s specific goals in mind.


With a team whose sole dedication is creating the “next best thing”, along with our customer’s real world knowledge we create innovative and constantly improving software solutions whose results speak for themselves!


Our passion is and will always be our customer’s success. Whether it be saving money, increasing efficiencies, or simply getting a few more hours of free time each day. We build the technology to make it happen!


You can’t have a passion for customer success without a love for people. When you become part of the Sarbari Family we treat you that way, and that means something to us.


We never want our customers to feel like they are on their own. Our dedicated support team are a call, email, or text away. We love to help, so don’t ever hesitate to reach out!

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All of our solutions are cloud-based. As long as you have an Internet connection you will be able to access your software. Worried about losing your precious data? Our server redundancies ensure zero downtown or data loss.

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Keep your finger on the pulse of your business. As you use your software the data collected will allow you to easily make educated decisions concerning your business and continued success.

Easily Implemented

Our implementation team members pride themselves on the ease of the software setup process. The process is quick, easy, and has zero effect on current business processes.

Proven Savings

The results speak for themselves, our customers have seen an average of 8-12% savings on cost of food, when implementing our software products into their business.

Customers love us

Customer success is our number one priority, and nothing means more than hearing how our products have helped our customers reach their goals.


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