How Lumbrada Lowered Cost of Food by 10%

How Lumbrada Lowered Cost of Food by 10%

in Nov 13, 2018

Located in Wayne Pennsylvania, in beautiful Delaware County. Lumbrada is a local favorite; Lovers of Mexican foods enjoy it for its flavorful kick, use of fresh aromatic ingredients and colorful presentation.

Lumbrada’s proprietor, Anselmo Torres, owns and operates several successful restaurants in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. His passion for food was inspired by his Mexican history and culture. His success is a direct result of hard work and desire of providing a great dining experience for his guests.


Anselmo is a true believer in the old adage that “Time is Money” and he doesn’t like to waste either. Prior to using Sarbari’s MyOrderPlacer Software Solution, Anselmo was wasting a lot of his time collecting and “spread-sheeting” all his supplier bids. Calling in all the orders and then verifying that he received the correct items at the right price. Stating that, “This attention to detail is very important in maintaining manageable food cost for my business while at the same time providing high quality for our guests”.


Since implementing the MyOrderPlacer software, Anselmo has been able to free up a lot of his time to focus on more important areas of his business. His cost of food also dropped by 10%.

“The software has changed the way we manage our purchasing. The time we save every week is invaluable, and the food cost savings speaks for itself. Who wouldn’t want to save time and money…?”

Looking ahead:

Lumbrada’s outlook is very bright with plans to open more locations in the near future.

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