Liberty House Restaurant Saved $5K in the First Month

Liberty House Restaurant Saved $5K in the First Month

in Nov 13, 2018

Liberty House Restaurant (the Flagship of Landmark Hospitality Group) has grown to be an iconic destination located in Liberty State Park. The venue features the best view of lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty, which is nestled in one of the nicest state parks in New Jersey.  Serving an upscale menu featuring seasonal fresh ingredients, quality seafood & meats all from local providers.

Liberty House Restaurants’ Executive Chef Ken Trickilo’s career started back to his high school days, where his love for cooking has taken him across the country. Since his days studying at the Culinary Institute of America, he has perfected his farm-to-table technique, and uses only fresh, seasonal ingredients to formulate his farm-to-table menus.


Before Sarbari Technologies, Chef Ken spent a great deal of time in the office sorting through prices and multiple suppliers trying to find the certain items, because of the fast-paced environment it became very hard to keep track of spending which led to having a higher food cost percentage. Getting the best price and maintaining high-quality standards was a huge challenge. In addition, Ken wanted to keep vendor relations strong while making sure his staff made the best use of their time. “Keeping track of the high volume of ingredients we ordered became difficult as well as time consuming. Also, the lack of keeping track of what our sous chefs were ordering was another element that contributed to our high food cost.”


Since May 2015, when Ken was introduced to Sarbari Technologies and the MyOrderPlacer Software solution, lots of positive impactful changes have been made. The Software has allowed Ken to get total control of his food ordering process. “The amount of time saved by ordering through our software application is considerable and our sous chefs are using the software for every order, which makes keeping track of their orders and making necessary changes from anywhere painless. Also, using the MyOrderPlacer software has allowed us to spend less time on the phone with our sales reps, and more time focusing on production and the kitchen.”


“My food cost has been within budget since the first week we began to use our software. We saved almost $5k in the first month alone. Our vendors get the orders without any glitches, and the product is the same specs that we wanted from them…  To date, our Food Cost percentages continue to lower.”

Looking ahead:

“We plan to continue to work with Sarbari Technologies as we grow as a company… For me personally, I love using the MyOrderPlacer software. When working in a fast paced, high volume environment, orders need to be placed quickly and knowing that my software is doing all my homework really makes ordering easy and stress free.”

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