How the Gougoustamos Family Improved their Business

How the Gougoustamos Family Improved their Business

in Feb 20, 2019




Gougoustamos Family Improved their Business

By Using Sarbari Technologies’ MyOrderPlacer Software

When it comes to great food and drinks, Diner 248 and The Home Town Breakfast, Bar & Grill are two of the best restaurants to visit in Lehigh Valley, PA. The Gougoustamos Family has been in the restaurant business for over 40 years. The family patriarch, John Gougoustamos opened Diner 248 in 2009 with, two of his four sons, Stavros and John Jr.  Their passion and determination to provide guests with outstanding quality and service was the driving force of their success. A few years later Stavros and John Jr. along with their two other brothers, Tom and Vasilios opened Home Town Breakfast, Bar & Grill. Together the four brothers continue the family tradition of excellence. “When it comes to serving great food, quality as opposed to quantity separates our restaurants from our competition”, stated Tom Gougoustamos


Improve quality and consistency of our food and keep guests coming back for more…

The MyOrderPlacer software allows you to pre-select your quality and brand preferences by setting standards on every ingredient, guaranteeing you are always buying efficiently and serving a consistent quality meal to your guests.


Never overpay for anything again! No need to spend endless hours meeting and reviewing prices with your sales reps. Efficiently shop and send orders to multiple suppliers with one click.

The Gougoustamos brothers were able to set specification on every ingredient and the software automatically sorted through all the supplier offering to find the best price for the quality they expected. “We just build the order and our software shops for the best value based off of our specs and between our preferred suppliers… It does the job in seconds that would otherwise take hours manually… I could never go back to the old way”.
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