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Q-How long does it take to setup the software?
-A- Our implementation team is very good at what they do. Once we get all the information needed, from you, it typically takes about two work weeks to complete your setup.

Q- How do I know the quality of my products will not be affected?
-A- Your software will automatically shop for the best value based on your quality and/or supplier preferences. You can rest assured that you always get the best value without sacrificing quality.

Q- How do the orders get to my suppliers?
-A- You can select between having your software electronically send orders or you can choose to call them in yourself, totally up to you.

Q- Do my suppliers participate with your company?
-A- Your relationship with your suppliers already exists. We are software developers, and as such there is no participation needed between us and them.

Q- How do my supplier prices get updated in my software?
-A- Your suppliers will send your weekly prices as they normally do via an email attachment. The file will get redirected directly into your software. No manual data entry required.