Harbortouch Customers

Harbortouch Customers can now easily manage the money they spend

Harbortouch has partnered with Sarbari Technologies to deliver cloud-based purchasing software to their customers to help streamline the entire purchasing process for their restaurant.

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Your ingredients are organized in one easy to manage product list. Set your quality and brand preferences and your software will import and organize supplier bids so you have real time prices for simple comparison.

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Stream Line

Build your order and watch your software quickly compare and shop all your vendors to find the best quality and price on each ingredient. After reviewing your order, simply click on [Finalize Order] and you're done.



Sarbari users save both time and money every month. No more clipboards, no more late-night calls to place orders, no more leaving voicemail messages and hoping your order comes in correctly. But best of all our customers save an average of 10% on their food spend.

Restaurants using Sarbari Technologies

"We've saved a lot of time placing orders and I have watched our food cost come down dramatically... I highly recommend Sarbari. "
Jim Hoben
Restaurant Owner
"My food cost has been within budget since the first week we began to use our software. We saved almost $5k in the first month alone... Great software!"
Ken Trickilo
Executive Chef

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