Sarbari Sarbari

How does Sarbari work for your restaurant?

It’s pretty straightforward actually.

    1. ORGANIZE: The Sarbari team (with your input) builds a product list customized for your restaurant or foodservice operation, including all the items you regularly buy (and some items you may want to buy) from all the suppliers you currently purchase from.
    2. STREAMLINE: When the time comes (i.e., daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) you will simply review your customized product list, choose the items and quantities you need, and place one order.  Your suppliers then receive an order for the items you’ve selected to purchase. Delivery, payments, and all other aspects of your relationship with your suppliers remain the same. We just help you streamline the ordering process.
    3. SAVE: What will you do with all that time you just saved? Update your menu? Hire a new server? Clean out that cooler? Balance that checkbook?  Speaking of checkbooks, with your new found organization and efficiency, you should start saving money every month too.


It’s Like Having a Purchasing Assistant as an Employee…Without the Expense.

Imagine if you had a full-time Purchasing Assistant to create your own customized product list, standardize your purchasing, and provide complete transparency and visibility around pricing, invoices, and order history for everyone across your business including management, back-of-the-house staff, and accounting. Sarbari’s web-based purchasing software fills this role ideally for restaurants, diners, hotels, country clubs and other foodservice operations.

Place ONE order to ALL your suppliers in under 20 minutes. Really, under 20 minutes!

No more leaving voicemails for multiple suppliers at the end of a long day, sending faxes, waiting for a call back, or looking for misplaced price sheets to get your order in before you leave for the night.

Using Sarbari’s web-based software solution you can place one order, and send it to every one of your suppliers at the same time. You can always check to see what’s been ordered for your restaurant(s), anywhere, any time.

Sarbari offers you a simple and secure way to organize your current supplier data and improve employee productivity by streamlining your entire purchasing process, which saves you time and money. We’re confident what Sarbari delivers is different than any restaurant software or foodservice technology solutions you’ve seen so far.


Organize All Your Supplier Information (No More Clipboards!)

Gone are the days of clipboards hanging all over the kitchen and bid sheets getting lost in piles of invoices and other documents. With Sarbari, you have access to all of your purchasing information…all in one place, any time, anywhere.


Streamline Your Entire Ordering Process

With all your current supplier data in one place, your employees can spend less time ordering food and supplies, and dedicate more time to efficiently running your business.


Improved Efficiency + Increased Employee Productivity = Savings

By organizing all your critical supplier and purchasing information, and reducing the time your employees waste on non-revenue-producing tasks, you’ll see savings on food and labor costs.


Sarbari Has A Personality Everyone Loves

Sarbari works well with all your employees; from your manager, to your head chef, to your line cooks, and even your bookeeper. When you have a solution that saves money, saves time, and makes everyone more efficient, who wouldn’t love Sarbari?

In fact, Sarbari even works well with POS systems that you may already be using.  Ask a Sarbari Consultant about integrating with your current POS.