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The Merion: “The time we save every week is invaluable…”

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Published: 03/04/2017 | Tags: ,

The Merion Catering & Special Events Center is on pace to save over $100K in one year using Sarbari’s restaurant purchasing software*


Bill Diamantakos, Purchasing Director for The Merion in Cinnaminson, NJ is using Sarbari’s web-based software to efficiently manage all of his purchasing for the back-of-the-house at this busy facility in New Jersey (As well as The Waterfall in Claymont, DE and The Grand Marquis in Old Bridge, NJ.)

Efficiency: Previously, Bill spent several hours a week shuffling though bid sheets and order guides to manually review prices and identify items to purchase for the week. Today, Sarbari’s purchasing software has automated this process, saving Bill about 2 hours every week (104 a year), plus about 10% on food costs every month.

Savings: February 2017 food cost savings: Over $20,000 vs. the average price*. Since The Merion started using the software in early 2016, they’ve saved over $100K vs. the average price. When you factor in the money he’ll save on labor (time saved every week) of over $1,000 for the year, The Merion will conservatively save over $90,000 in one year.

Results: All of the current suppliers The Merion uses remain the same. All of Bill’s suppliers now receive orders electronically at the same time, with the full product details included (i.e., brand, pack size.) The suppliers only requirement? Providing Bill and The Merion with their prices, which they were doing already.

Summary:Sarbari’s software has changed the way we manage our purchasing. The time we save every week is invaluable, and the food cost savings speak for themselves. Who wouldn’t want to save time and money every month?”

– Bill Diamantakos, Purchasing Director, The Merion Catering & Special Events Center, Cinnaminson, NJ

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