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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a smaller, independent restaurant. Can I still use Sarbari’s restaurant purchasing software?

Yes! Sarbari’s web-based restaurant purchasing software works well for smaller, independent restaurants, as well as larger, multi-unit restaurant groups and institutional foodservice operations. All businesses, no matter how much they spend each month, or how many employees they have can always improve their overall efficiency. The reasonable monthly subscription fee means you see ROI quickly too, no matter how big or small your business is.

I’ve had a relationship with my current suppliers for years, can I keep them all and still use Sarbari’s restaurant purchasing software?

Yes! There is no interruption in the current relationship you have with your suppliers. We add only the suppliers you want to buy from.  It’s your software.  You still have the ability to work with suppliers on the pricing they provide you, add new items, and work on special deals, just like you do now.  You can also add new suppliers down the road, if you determine it make sense for your restaurant or foodservice operation.

I have special prices negotiated with my suppliers, will the software still work for my restaurant?

Yes! Your prices are your prices. Whatever deals or special pricing you have in place with your supplier will remain the same.  That’s the beauty of having software customized for your business, there is not a group of suppliers or prices you must choose from.  Each subscriber’s account is designed specifically for their business. The software will automate the purchasing process and save you a significant amount of time and money no matter what special deals or negotiated prices you choose to include in your account.

What about supplier minimums? Can I still get all the benefits of using the software if I have minimum order requirements?

Yes! When the Sarbari team builds the customized account for your restaurant or foodservice operations order the minimums from each of your suppliers are taken into account, along with delivery dates, order cut-off times, etc.

Why is Sarbari’s software unique in the food technology industry?

Sarbari is unique because since we were founded we have always stated that we work for the restaurant owners/operators and no one else.  The relationship between restaurant and supplier remains the same, and we stay completely removed from that relationship.  We do not recommend or refer any suppliers. We do not receive any payment or any percentage from suppliers.  In fact, we often say we don’t care who a restaurant buys from, it’s their business and we’re simply providing another tool, like a point of sale system or labor scheduling application, for them to be more efficient and productive.

I use online ordering with my current supplier, why do I need Sarbari?

With a single sign-on, Sarbari will give you the ability to shop among ALL of your current suppliers and place all your daily orders from one central location, all at one time.  For example, the average time it takes to place a 200-piece order has been reduced from one hour to 15 minutes.

I already compare prices among my current suppliers, why do I need Sarbari?

One word. Efficiency.  A web-based, automated system, like the one Sarbari delivers, can reduce the time you and your staff spend shopping and ordering by up to 75%, and the increased efficiencies produce cost savings on food and labor costs as a result.

What about rebates I currently get from my suppliers?

You can continue to receive the rebates, and Sarbari can help you determine if you’re actually saving money, or if choosing another supplier is more cost-effective.

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Who else is using Sarbari?

Our current family of clients includes a wide range of restaurants, diners and foodservice operators, including family-owned independents (Manayunk Brewing CompanyBilly’s Downtown Diner, Diner 248), multi-unit restaurant groups (Landmark HospitalityPlaza Azteca), caterers (Bakers’ Best), as well as senior-assisted living facilities (Newbridge on the Charles) and country clubs (Woodland Golf Club). Your Sarbari Consultant can provide more detail about current
 clients in your local area. Check out the Our Clients page to see some of the restaurants and foodservice operators already improving efficiency, increasing employee productivity, and saving on food and labor costs with Sarbari’s web-based restaurant purchasing software.

Do suppliers pay to be part of the Sarbari software?

No. Sarbari works for the restaurant owners and foodservice operators, not the suppliers.  We ARE NOT a third party or a buying group that manages ordering for restaurants.  Our web-based restaurant purchasing software simply acts as a tool for the restaurant operator to continue ordering from all the suppliers they’d like to use.  We consider ourselves “supplier-neutral.”

I don’t have time to upload all the price and product lists, who will upload all the information?

With your input the Sarbari teams builds your customized product list and then the updated prices can easily be added to your account on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis by your suppliers or you (whatever your business requires.)

Can I make changes to my product list any time?

Yes, you can log in and make a change or send us an email, and we’ll make the change for you.